Little Steps Forward

We have managed retreats in the past, but we are building this one from scratch. REALLY from scratch! We will try to keep you apprised of new developments from time to time. It will be slow, but we know that we are called to this ministry and are encouraged by each step forward. Latest news will be at the top.

Sept 2023

What a blessing! We have three shells done, which gives us two Hermit Cabins and a Manager House. Plumbing is roughed in and we are getting ready for the electrical before insulating the walls.

Feb 2023

Goodness, it has been a long time since we updated this page! So many good things have happened.

  • Roads for the chapel and shop are in place, and slabs were poured for both
  • The chapel metal shell is nearing completion
  • Slabs have been poured for the first two Hermit Cabins, and our builder is ready to construct the shells for us to finish

We are praying for great progress this year, and hope that we will be able to begin delivering the mission of the retreat soon.

The 2019 Heat of the Summer efforts:

Day 1: No pics, but lots of efforts to get things going.

Day 2: Clearing brush and more!

Day 3: Knocking down more brush and clearing paths to the chapel site.

Day 4: Starting to remove the dead wood on the road to the chapel.

Day 5: A picture paints a thousand words, so here are a couple thousand. Not a bad week for Nanette, Chris, and a little Ford tractor!

Day 6: Clearing continues. A short video on pulling trees with a tractor and a chain.

Day 7: It has been hot and hotter. Today we visited the county clerk in Fayette County, the court house in Lee County, and more. It is important to be a part of the community, and we were given a delightful tour of the Lee County Museum by the local tourism director. No work on the Hermitage, but a fine introduction to more parts of the community.

We continued working on the property. Pulled out many more trees, and we have finished cutting the initial pathway for the road from the gate to the chapel. Next time we will try to widen enough so that it is ready for laying the road and staking the chapel. For a “Little Steps” page, July 2019 has seen some big steps forward!

We have been working without reporting anything here. It is May 2020. Over the past several months we have made tremendous progress. There is a new fence and a new road on the north line of the property. The roadway to the chapel is defined now, and we hope to have roads for the retreat as well as the shop at “the southern tip” soon. We have ordered metal buildings for the chapel and the shop, and things are really starting to move.

COVID-19 has the world in its grip, but the love of God is stronger. Chris is home from Bangladesh so we can do more. Keep posted. Wonderful things are happening!

Grace and peace,
Chris & Nanette